Mayapple-Harbinger of spring


mayapple, podophyllum peltatum


april 7, zone 8a in Georgia


The shoots of mayapple start appearing in early march and bloom in April. Two-leaved stalks have a single white flower, hidden below large palm-shaped leaves.  This woodland perennial spreads by rhizomes.


The plants shown here were transplanted from an area being inundated for a reservoir.  They have done very well with only some initial watering the first few weeks after transplant.  

Deer seem to leave them alone.  They are slowly creeping along and creating a carpet of plants.  The original colony of plants was along a creek and covered a very large area with hundreds of plants.  It's good to see these remnants thriving in a new location under tall deciduous trees.

shoots emerging on March 10, zone 8a in Georgia